The one thing Dads do better than Moms!

The one thing Dads do better than Moms!

Have you ever noticed how a dad can come home and, once they’re settled in, can just start playing with the kids. And not notice the time. Or the mess. Or the schedule. Or what time it is? and oh my goodness, now it’s WAY past bedtime!

Have you ever noticed that?

Somehow, men (and yes, I’m generalizing here) can devote their full attention to their children and disregard everything else around them.

It’s completely aggravating at times.

And yet, it’s something we moms should do more often.

Our children benefit from undivided one-on-one attention. We know this, and yet, it often feels like too much work to unplug from the to-do list and just BE with the kids.

Moms (and yes, I’m generalizing here, too)  worry about the schedule. We worry about having enough snacks in the snack bag. We worry about whether our kids’ clothes match. We worry about the dishes piling up in the sink (my pet peeve). And we worry about the toys that are strewn about our houses.

But guess what?

Our children will not remember whether we arrived somewhere on time; only that mommy was in a rush.

Our children will not remember whether we brought the right snacks…. Ok maybe they will.

But for sure they will NOT remember whether the house was clean and their clothes matched. Or was it that their clothes were clean and their house matched?

Either way.

Our children want US. They want our attention, our unconditional love and our undivided attention for at least part of every day. (and yes, some children want it all day, every day, and that is exhausting).

I hope we can take a lesson from the Dads, who do this so very well and who understand how to just BE with their kids.

Hope your Father’s Day was lovely.

All my best,