Get ready to get wet!

Summer is the perfect time to engage in some water play!! And, while that sounds like a fancy educational term, it really just means: letting your kid play with water. 

Kids usually LOVE water. Not necessarily the pool (which can be perfectly fine for some kids and terrifying for others). But a faucet, a hose, a small (or large) container with a small (or large) amount of water in it can be fun for a good while. 

What can your child do with water? Think of the possibilities! You can:






+feel it moving through your hands

+put it all over your body

And, while water is definitely wet (at least last time I checked!), it will NOT stain, be sticky or generally damage most things. 

You don’t need a fancy water table. All you need is some water! If you have a container, or two, that’s fun too. 

Nonbreakable bowls, cups, spoons are all fun toys. Sometimes more fun than the expensive, colorful ones you bought at Target. 

Stand at the faucet, jump in some puddles, run under the hose, or fill up the water table and have at it. 

Summer was made for water play! Let me know how it goes and what’s your favorite way to get wet!

All my best - Gabriele