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Getting To Know Your Child 

In this module I help you get to know your child and your own parenting style so that you can begin to be the parent you want to be. I teach you some seriously simple but impactful methods and systems that have helped 100’s of my clients. This module will help you understand your toddlers age and stage and the tools you can use to enhance their communication and have more fun together.

You will Learn

  • Your child’s temperament and type

  • Your temperament and type

  • Your parenting style and what kind of parent you want to be (vs. what kind of parent were you programmed to be) and why that matters

  • Begin to learn my Play and Connect Method to learn how to play with your child without it being a chore for you.

  • Learn my 3C’s System to help you respond well to your toddler when they misbehave.

Module 1 Resource Downloads

Module 1 Lesson 1

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Module 1 Lesson 2

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Module 1 Lesson 3

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Module 1 Lesson 4

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