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 Laying The Foundation For More Fun & A Happier Child 

Sometimes we are so busy in life that our children’s schedule just happens without actually planning it. This module will help you tweak your current schedule with small changes that have a big impact!

You will learn

  • How to create happier, easier days for both you and your toddler by:

    • Implementing a system so that your child gets the best amount of sleep

    • Encouraging healthy eating habits and avoiding passing on your own food limits.

    • Setting the right pace in your day for you and your child

  • How to create your own parenting rules and how to implement them confidently

  • 4 simple ways to keep your child busy that do not involve screen time

  • How toys are not the answer to enhancing children’s development

  • How to create rules that stick

Module 2 Resource Downloads

Module 2 Lesson 1

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Module 2 Lesson 2

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Module 2 Lesson 3

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Module 2 Lesson 4

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Module 2 Lesson 5

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