About Us

SpeechKids provides exceptional, family-centered communication support for young children through in-home and in-school speech therapy and caregiver education. SpeechKids is located in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, but also serves families worldwide.

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"You gave my child tools that she could use to communicate better, but you also gave me tools to help her, and that was healing and empowering for me."


Words Are For Life


I've helped make life a little easier for hundreds of families over almost 20 years using proven strategies that enhance communication and reduce feelings of frustration and overwhelm for everyone. With just a few simple changes, your family can have more fun together, communicate better and feel less stressed.  Let's get you started with my 3-part online video, Free Parenting Toddler Workshop. 


Are you a parent in the Washington DC metro area with questions about your child’s communication? Call us for a free 15 minute conversation to talk about your concerns at (202) 306-0505 or email us