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 4 Week Online Program For Parents Of Toddlers

Learn how to stop shouting, be a happier parent

and build a happy, confident child with my proven expert strategies!



Toddler Talk helps parents understand the ages and stages of toddlerhood and implement simple strategies and routines that lead to fewer tantrums and more relaxed kids and parents.  Understand your child’s communication, so you can help enhance their skills, enjoy parenting and raise a confident happy child.

Finding Gabriele was such a lucky break for our family. Gabriele showed us just what to do to get our daughter talking. The change we saw in our daughter after seeing Gabriele was immediate. We felt empowered by the strategies she showed us. Our daughter loves Gabriele! Her sessions are so engaging for our daughter and incredibly insightful for us. We can’t thank Gabriele enough!
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Imagine In A Few Weeks Time



  • You will know your toddler better and in a whole new way.

  • You will understand their personality and know how to nurture their individuality

  • You will understand how to communicate with them in new ways to create a happy toddler AND parent!


This Program Is For....



  • Parents of toddlers who want more joy from parenting.

  • Parents who want to help their toddler develop but do not know how.

  • Parents of children who are demanding or challenging.

  • Parents who want to have more fun with their toddler.

  • Parents who are worried about developmental stages being met.



I’m so glad I can turn to Gabriele when I have questions about my children. She always gives me common sense, practical strategies that really work in helping me and my kids communicate better.
— Eliza, mom of two, ages 5 and 2
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Program Details


Module 1:  Getting To Know Your Child 

In this module I help you get to know your child and your own parenting style so that you can begin to be the parent you want to be. I teach you some simple but impactful methods and systems that have helped hundreds of my clients. This module will help you understand your toddler's age and stage of development, and provide tools you can use to enhance their communication and have more fun together.

You will learn:

  • Your child’s temperament and type.

  • Your temperament and type.

  • Your parenting style and what kind of parent do you want to be (vs. what kind of parent were you programmed to be) and why that matters.

  • My Play and Connect Method to learn how to play with your child without it being a chore for you.

  • My 3C’s System to help you respond well to your toddler when they misbehave.


Module 2:  Laying The Foundation For More Fun & Happiness

Sometimes we are so busy in life that our children’s schedule just happens without actually planning it. This module will help you tweak your current schedule with small changes that have a big impact!

You will learn:

  • How to create happier, easier days for both you and your toddler by:

    • Laying the foundation for your own well-being

    • Implementing healthy systems for sleep, eating and exercise for the whole family

  • 4 simple ways to keep your child busy that do not involve screen time.

  • How to create your own parenting rituals, rules and routines that stick and implement them confidently

  • How to say "yes" more than you say "no"!




Module 3:  Build Stronger Relationships In As Few As 5 Minutes A Day!

What if just a few minutes per day could change your child’s life, beliefs and mindset later on? Would you take that time each day to make sure of it? Here you'll learn my strategies for helping your child become a confident, happy, connected, polite, empathetic and communicative little person. 

You will learn how to:

  • Use Play and Connect as a powerful tool.

  • Help your child become more self aware and expressive.

  • Encourage empathy, kindness and generosity in your child while teaching them to share.

  • Make one small change in your language that can create a massive positive impact on your child’s self-esteem and behavior.


Module 4:  How To Get Your Child To Talk More

In this module I show you how your communication with your child can impact their speech and language learning and their relationships for life.

You will learn how to

  • Discover Speech and Language ages and stages so that you understand what your child needs

  • Use sign language to enhance your toddler’s communication skills

  • Increase your child’s spoken vocabulary through

    • Sound effects

    • Music and singing to help with talking and listening

    • Book reading helps communication


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Extra Bonus Lessons



  • Step-by-step: introducing signs for communication

    • Follow the step by step instructions and watch your child's vocabulary grow!

    • Encourage early talking and communication.

    • Reduce communication frustration.


  • step-by-step: the imitation game

    • Learn a simple way to have fun wherever you are.

    • Encourage your child's sound development while also building relationship!


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Join Today For JUST 1 PAYMENT OF $250 Save $55!!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the course? Will I have time to do it?


Each module is divided into lessons that are between 10-20 minutes. If you have 20 minutes, you have time for this.



What's the format of the class?


There are handouts for download, along with video modules to listen to and watch. In addition, you'll have access to the private members group where you can post questions and get support from other parents.